Back To School

Imagine being a very well established career woman, that balances said career fulltime with raising a family. What if one day you decide to pursue your life passion and become the CEO of an in-demand Cosmetic brand that almost immediately is met with HUGE success? What if in the mix of all of that greatness and accomplishment, you decide that it’s time for you to finally finish your degree to take you even further in your endeavors? Well, I would love to introduce all of you to the CEO of cosmetic line KARTEL GLAM, Reyna Kartel. For her, the “what if’s” have rapidly become “how to’s.”

Reyna Kartel

Reyna, who currently resides in small Northern California town by the name of Galt, was born and raised in Stockton, California to Mexican American and Puerto Rican parents. She is the mother of four children, three boys and one princess who is the co-owner of her Kartel Glam dynasty. “When my daughter came to me one day asking to go to Ulta to buy a bunch of lip balm for a haul that she wanted to do, I looked at her and told her that she really should make her own. I wanted to show her that she could inspire others with her visions and talents… So I teamed up with my finest treasure to create a lip balm line, and out of that, Queen Kartel Glam was born.”

With over 15 years of experience as a celebrity makeup and lash artist, Reyna is no stranger to cosmetics. She did, however, want to make sure her brand stood out among many other cosmetic brands currently taking the beauty industry by storm. “Kartel Glam Cosmetics is Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, and Cruelty-Free. One important foundation for both myself and my daughter we wanted to establish from the start.”

Reyna attributes her “Love for God” and her ability to “stand still and listen to his plans” to the passion that goes into all of her projects. “My family, the creation for artistry in cosmetics, the science behind my brand, the entrepreneurship, educating future legacy entrepreneurs, my deep spirituality, the elevation by my network and love for law is what keeps me going. The elevation at the end, the determination and the focus that has helped me in my success in building my empire.” She boasts.

With the abundance of blessings that Queen Kartel Glam sees already in its infancy, what is it that made Reyna decide to pursue her education further? “My promise to both my fathers to finish my education as well to myself. I feel like I’ve always been the type to love education, and my main promise to my self was finishing my education. My father always said, ‘EDUCATION is power and something no one can take away from you!’ As well as I feel like now that I’m an entrepreneur. I love educating myself on every level as well as my clients on strategic approaches to run a successful business from a-z.” Reyna is currently tackling a business and entrepreneur program and is fully dedicated to going all of the way in earning her Ph.D. as well as J.D in trademarking law.

Breaking Glass Ceilings

I have had the opportunity to work closely with her since our meeting a little over a year ago, and if anyone could achieve such incredible goals, it definitely is her. However, you have to wonder if it’s a bit much to take on. How does she find the right kind of balance in taking on so many challenging career objectives while also being a dedicated and attentive mother to her children? “You know it was a hard decision, but I have always been taught since a young age that if you want something that bad, you make it work. So, I made sure I had a family meeting with all my loved ones and my support system, and I told them I got accepted to a program for the next three years I will be laser focused. I will make time for school as well as run the business. There will be times I have to delegate with my team, and I will be off from the west coast to the east as well as international affairs, but I promised my family to take them along with me as many times as I can. There will be times that I won’t be home, but three years will go by fast and will be worth every tear and sweat I promise. So, we all prayed and said, ok. We make things work as long as our faith and love are with, and we pray to stay firm on these journeys we take. We must learn to balance life, and every minute of it plan it out.” She says.

“Making money moves”

So balance does she certainly have! While most of her attention and focus is on pursuing her next level of education, Reyna can hardly believe that Kartel Glam is coming up on its first anniversary on June 16th. Also, apparently with this first birthday we will see a summer launch with an even more glamorous look! My final question for Queen Kartel during our candid sit down was what advice she has for any women out there that are considering pursuing their higher education? “I would encourage them not to wait., Not to ever wait. I would say if it’s because of financials, kids, or is not the right time. It will never be the right time. You have to be committed to you. You must decide to invest in you heavily. In your mind, stimulation of educating yourself.” “Moreover, once you have decided to make that choice you pray, you ask with intent and purpose, and you hold on to your seat! because once you can surrender wholeheartedly, then the ride of your life is about to start…”

Making dreams coming true

Please have a listen below to our full interview!!

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