Healthy IS the new sexy!

With the Spring passing of Nipsey Hussle, people were a buzz about a documentary that he was in the process of creating about Dr. Sebi. While I had heard of Dr. Sebi previously, many people had not, and the very discussion of him and his medical practices caused much debate. Dr. Sebi was a Honduran herbalist and self-proclaimed healer. He claimed to cure all disease with herbs and a unique vegan diet. Many people have argued that there is no validity to his claims and that he was no more than a snake oils salesmen, while many other (well known) people swear by his regimens. In recent years, many people have begun to embrace the holistic approach to health, but it seems that the topic of Dr. Sebi, really got the conversation going strong again.

Nipsey Hussle & Dr. Sebi

Dr. Monica Bickerstaff Riley D.H.M

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Monica Bickerstaff Riley D.H.M and get an inside look at the practice of holistic medicine, and it’s benefits to us, especially as women. She advised, “Let me first dispel any myths that Holistic Doctors aren’t REAL doctors. YES, WE ARE! We have studied allopathic medicine (traditional) at medical schools, we have completed Residency, and we are Certified by State Boards. I decided to specialize in Holistic Medicine because I believe that dis-ease in the body manifests symptoms in the body-mind-spirit. This is what Holistic Medicine is: we treat the WHOLE PERSON; not just Band-Aid a group of symptoms.”


When discussing the passion behind what made her want to practice Holistic medicine, Dr. Monica says, “I’m passionate about people, especially women, living their most vibrant lives. I can’t stand to see anyone suffering. We only get this one chance to strut our purpose on this planet; Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. My passion for natural medicines for healing was stirred by my Nana, when I was about four years old. She raised me to respect essential oils, herbs, meditation, managing stress, and daily body movement as the means to a long, joy-full life. Now, Nana lived to be 101-years YOUNG with no dementia, no mobility issues, and NO PRESCRIPTION MEDS; so she was on to something…the REAL Fountain Of Youth Guru. I have studied, and I am a world-renowned expert as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, a MASTER Herbalist, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Energy Healer. I am also a Medicine Intuitive. This is my God given BONUS Gift. I can look at, or hug, or touch someone and assess areas in their body temple that are not optimally functioning or healthy.”

Dr. Monica teaching Chakra Alignment class at the Salt Room LV

Being a client of Dr. Monica Bickerstaff Riley, I have attended several of her holistic/healing sessions. While the focus is definitely placed on physical health and wellness, she has also introduced me to the importance of spiritual and energy healing. It has been so fascinating to learn about the alignment of both body and soul. The main focus of the energy healing workshops has been “chakra” re-alignment. Dr. Monica describes our chakras as “representation of our seven energy pathways; from the base of the spine to the crown. Each Chakra connects to our body’s organs, hormones, emotions, limbic system, and mental health.” She also described what can happen when our Chakras become misaligned. “Our Chakras become misaligned when we hold illness in our body, mind, or spirit. When we don’t listen to those aches, pains, soreness, mental distress, it’s usually too late, meaning some dis-ease is flourishing in our body temple. The MAIN causes of disease are STRESS and INFLAMMATION.” She continues, “Many people are not aware that misaligned Chakra’s can lead to serious stress. STRESS KILLS! This is OUR Reality. And, I get it, the struggle is REAL. But, when we ignore the stressors and symptoms in our day to day; we are signing our personal death sentence. For women, our stress manifests as: headaches, Low-E, depression, anxiety, stomach and digestion distress, muscle aches, hormonal & thyroid imbalance, sleep disruption, procrastination, hoarding, eating disorders. I can go on and on. Each one of these symptoms, alone or cumulative, can erupt as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease”

Dr. Monica Bickerstaff Riley

If you have spent any time with Dr. Monica, you are aware of her bubbly and calming nature. She is always so warm, welcoming, and seems so relaxed. But is it her natural state or something that she too has to work on? How does she limit stress in her life? “I’ve learned through many trials in my life, that my body absorbs stress, mine & others. So, my daily self-care is a life long practice. Immediately when I wake up, I say my prayers of Gratitude to God… I mean, after all, not everyone wakes up, right? Life is the Ultimate Gift from God… I cover my heart and say my affirmations, and then I indulge in a rigorous daily practice of Kundalini Yoga. I make sure that I get 8 hours of sleep, and I drink lemon water EVERY morning to cleanse my LIVER. We hold all of our passive/aggressive emotions in our LIVER, and when we don’t DETOX on a daily, those negative emotions will cause inflammation and subsequent disease. I remove myself from negative people, gossip, and negative circumstances. I don’t stress over nobody’s MESS!” She says.

Not only does she offer advice, healing, and different practices to achieve perfect balance in her life, but she also handmakes SEVERAL remarkable products that will definitely challenge most modern over the counter remedies. “I recommend my Bath Soak with Pink Himalayan Salt, Magnesium & essential oils, my Tri-C Trifecta Detox Serum, My Longevity Face Serum, my Black Orchid Body Essentials or Cleopatra Love Oil, Nana’s Healthy Hair Elixir, Simmer Down, Chica, Peace of Mind and ReJuva-FLEXXX and so many other products passed down from my Nana to me and now to all of you.”

Dr. Monica Bickerstaff Riley

I asked Dr. Monica if she has any other recommendations for longevity, good health, and no stress aside from her 5-Star Award Winning Natural Beauty & Wellness Essentials? “Yes,” she says. “Sunlight, alkaline water, and HUMOR!!!! Keep Loving Who You Are and HUG SOMEBODY….Every day!”

In addition to her online webstore, “Dr. Monica’s Natural Beauty & Wellness Essentials” can be found at The Market @Macy’s Fashion Show mall starting August 4th, 2019.

So, while there are many naysayers of Dr.Sebi and Holistic medicine practice as a whole, there are many of us that understand that our bodies are precious vessels, and it is crucial of us to make sure we are fully aligned with natural remedies that are intended to keep us whole and well.

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