Resilience & You

There is a quote by Brooke Shields that I have always loved “Someone said adversity builds character, but someone else said adversity reveals character. I’m pleasantly surprised by my resilience. I persevere, and not just blindly. I take the best, get rid of the rest, and move on, realizing that you can choose to take the good.”

Many people believe that resilience is just having this strength to handle anything without really processing it or understanding it. It seems to me that it’s something that we must learn to have, of course, but how do we build it? Are there those of us that are just born with it? Or is it something that is not activated until we have really experienced something that would otherwise wholly destroy us?

Alycia Huston

I had the opportunity to speak with Neuro leadership strategist and ceo/founder of Alycia Accelerates Alycia Huston regarding the ability to overcome life’s challenges, both personally and professionally. We spoke about how resilience also factors into that.
Some of you may be asking what exactly Neuro leadership is? Alycia explains, “Neuroleadership focuses on applying neuroscience to leadership development, management training, change management education and consulting, and coaching. It can improve leadership practices, change management, innovation and creativity, and employee engagement.” She continues to explain how and why she became so passionate about Neuro Leadership, “When I was a little girl, I thought I wanted to be a physician, but what I realized as an adult is that what I truly wanted to do was, support people in their healing. It wasn’t necessarily through medicine. Supporting others with the development of their vision, while fear, anxiety, and distrust show up is healing to their soul, it helps them to see what’s possible and they can indeed accomplish their vision, with the right measures in place.”

Alycia Huston

Being in the profession that she has chosen, I am confident that it comes with clients facing challenging times and often wanting to give up. Having resilience is critical in business strategy and development in order to have success. Things are going to go wrong regularly, and we must learn how to learn from the situations. I asked Alycia to define what resilience means to her. “For me, it’s the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, by summoning your mental toughness. We must realize that our life is simply the sum of each day in miniature when we fail to get up, due to discouragement or a tough situation, we allow a piece of ourselves to be cut off – never to be experienced at its greatest potential. I believe we live a life of mediocrity.” She continues, “We can easily fall into blame, excuse-making and never realizing our destiny – which leads to a lack of fulfillment in our lives.”
I find that to be so true, the moment that we are discouraged by something and can’t accept what has transpired as merely a problem to solve, we can get stuck in that place of self-doubt. For many people, they never leave that place, and it leads to a life remaining of only could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.

Alycia Huston and her father Dr. Milton LaPointe

So I was curious to know if this understanding of resilience is something that Alycia Huston was just born with or something that she had to come to understand over time?
“I am the daughter of Dr. Milton and Elma LaPointe – integrity, education, and self-awareness were crucial pillars in my life growing up. As a result, it shaped much of who I am today.
Because of my parents’ strong foundations, I built up a level of mental toughness that has served me well but has also caused me some missteps. I can say, each “failure” has lent itself to something greater showing up and revealing itself to me. It has taught me to surrender to expecting my vision to reveal itself in the way I believe it will happen, to understanding that there is so much more that can be greater than I ever imagined when I let go of the attachment. Not saying it’s easy, but there is so much more peace in the journey. “She continues “I do believe I’ve always had a resilient spirit, but the bounce-back has absolutely been developed over time. I wouldn’t say there was one solo incident that helped me in the building, but the combination of various circumstances that contributed to that piece of my characte
As a person that is new to the business world myself and often faced with challenges that can make me feel as though I want to quit, I asked Alycia what advice she has for someone who is only now learning the importance of resilience and what it means for their personal and professional lives, “I have had the opportunity to co-found, build, and sell a company, raise 3 amazing children and continue to develop myself personally and professionally. The most rewarding part is in supporting other small business owners cultivate their own leadership, so they too are able to realize their dreams come to fruition. None of my accomplishments have been without their challenges. My advice is that you must make a decision – you can decide to stay in a pity party, or you can CHOOSE to start creating your life to yield the desired outcome. Everything we do or don’t do starts with a choice.”

Part of the choice of building who you are meant to be is to attend TRANSCEND, which is an annual conference hosted by Alycia Huston that comes HIGHLY recommended by me for you to attend. Alycia explains Transcend as “a 2 ½ day leadership experience like no other – we don’t just talk about leadership from a “top-down” approach. We discuss it from a vantage point that includes every piece of you as an individual; meaning we address personal AND professional leadership principles and tools. We have phenomenal speakers that will be able to support you as you evolve and flourish in your endeavors.”
I had the opportunity to attend last year, and it honestly changed my life! Take a moment to view more information about it here. You will not be disappointed!

Alycia Huston speaking at Transcend 2018

It was an absolute honor having the opportunity to have such a candid conversation with Mrs. Huston. She is a phenomenal leader and friend that SO many are honored to know. One of her most distinguished characteristics is her charming, youthful, and fun disposition. Something about her reminds me of that best friend that we laugh and giggle with as little girls and discuss all of our big “grown-up” dreams. This thought leads me to ask Alycia one final question.
“You are 11 years old, and it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. What is little Alycia up to?” Her response?
“She would be creating her fort, out of the card table and blankets in the family room. She would then be either talking to her stuffed animals to ensure their safety, talking to her bff who was with her or just laying with them thinking about life and what she was going to do when she grew up. I always knew there was a BIG calling in my life, but that part continues to reveal itself piece by piece and moment by moment.”

I have a feeling that the final reveal will be well beyond her wildest dreams.

Alycia Huston Is going to change the world!

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